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Contest Winners - Celebrate The Holidays in a Galaxy Far Far Away Contest

In what's been a very popular contest, the judges have seen it all and come back with their winners. Thank you to everyone who took part in our Star Wars contest this time around, always popular on LEGO Ideas!

So let's see the winners:

First Place - Downed GingerBread AT-At by Buildinjake

Everyone has joined the holiday celebration and even Darth Vader himself is at the top of the ladder, unloading the gifts from the “tired” AT-AT

Second Place - Star Wars Ugly Holiday Knitted Sweater by MyBrickBuild

It’s hard to find a more decorative holiday item than the Christmas sweater… combine it with LEGO Star Wars and you have a wonderful seasonal item.

Third Place - Millennium Falcon Wreath by VNMBricks

A christmas wreath at hyperspeedwhat’s not to like? The Millennium Falcon and the Christmas wreath. Two unmistakable silhouettes combined!


What's Next? 

Like we said earlier in our blog about the Ferrarri contest, there's still a tiiiiiny bit of time to Build a Ghost You Are Afraid Of, but besides that, it's only winner announcements for the rest of the year like this one! However I would like to remind you all if you'd like to do some building, that you can alway's check out our activities.

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