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Welcome Jacob to the LEGO Ideas Team

I'm happy to introduce the newest member of the LEGO Ideas team, Jacob McQuillan, who joins us as an Online Community Specialist. Jacob will focus his time primarily in running our Contests, as well as Activities as soon as that starts up fully, so you'll certainly be seeing and hearing more of him on LEGO Ideas very soon, if you haven't already. Please help me in welcoming him to the LEGO Ideas community! 

Below you can learn a little more about Jacob!

Where are you from?
Reading, England

What’s your professional background?
I used to work for Microsoft as a developer, however I switched things up a little by joining the social team and looking after the technical communities in the UK as a social media manager. I then joined Google last year to run the Google Cloud social media, before joining LEGO in June!

What do you do when you’re not working?
I absolutely love photography, I’ve taken photographs all over Europe so far and really enjoy finding amazing locations to shoot. I also play a few video games, including this gem when I was younger.
 I’m a huge Marvel fan too, not just watching the films, but also reading the comics. And of course, I’m a massive LEGO fan so I usually build when I’m not working too!

What’s your favourite LEGO Ideas set to date?
This is a great question, I think the Minecraft Micro World is awesome, as is the Doctor Who set. But after building it, the Apollo Saturn V is probably my favourite! That being said, I think a new set which is coming soon will knock that off the top spot.


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