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Fan Vote – Help choose the next LEGO Puzzle theme!

Within the next few weeks (As of May 25th 2021), we will be launching a new type of contest. We will be looking for you to submit your own unique work of art for a 1,000-piece LEGO puzzle, to be produced and distributed by Chronicle Books! 

But before we fire up the contest, we need your help choosing which of the categories below we should explore for the next LEGO puzzle.  

We’re asking you to cast your vote for the theme you’d most like to see become a puzzle. The four most popular options will become the themes that we’ll be looking for in the contest! 

For the puzzle art, you will be able to submit entries that are: 

  • Toy Photography  
  • A photograph or rendering of brick-built creations   
  • Digital Art 

The themes you can vote for to be the next LEGO Puzzle are: 

  • Nature scenes  
  • Patterns  
  • Architecture   
  • Animals and creatures   
  • Travel   
  • Tech   
  • Space/Astronomy   
  • Retro  
  • Interior/Home Décor 

You will have just one vote, for you to vote for the theme you’d like to see the most as a puzzle. 

All submitted designs for the contest must be original designs, i.e. we will not accept submissions featuring official LEGO sets. 

No 3rd party IP references will be accepted in the contest. This includes entertainment, landmark, historical IPs and royalty covered places.  


This vote will be open until June 1st, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. CEST (4a.m. EST). Simply select the image representing the category you would like to see become a LEGO Puzzle. You can also tell us why you made that choice!


Head on over to the voting page to read the contest rules and get started. 

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