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Creator 3in1 Fourth Build Challenge is live on LEGO Ideas Test Lab

Yesterday we launched the LEGO Creator 3in1 Fourth Build Challenge on LEGO Ideas Test Lab. You won't want to miss out on this building challenge with cool LEGO Creator prizes, and a chance to help test new LEGO Ideas features. The Challenge, which is now open, is accepting entries through to February 21st. After that, you can follow the entries through the various phases and help choose the four winning models. Winners will receive LEGO brick prizes and we will feature some in the LEGO Life magazine and app. 

When you're not building a Fourth Build for the challenge itself, you can engage with other Test Lab members through the Community Café or engage in small, fun activities. 

Throughout the Challenge, we'll listen to your feedback on LEGO Ideas Test Lab in the dedicated feedback forum. Your input will help influence future upgrades to LEGO Ideas.

Click here and join us on LEGO Ideas Test Lab

See you inside!

LEGO Ideas Team

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