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Update: Improvements to Project submission flow

Today we’ve released the third and final planned update to the LEGO Ideas website for fall 2016. This time, we streamlined the Support and Submit Project flows:

  • New Members Return to Project Page – If a new visitor entered LEGO Ideas on a specific project page, once they create their account and verify their email, LEGO Ideas now returns them to the project so they can support the project. We hope this means more new members convert into actual supports on your projects.
  • Support Survey – We’ve removed the images from the supporter survey and tightened it up so it should not need to scroll anymore within the window.
  • Submit page – We removed the checkbox confirming your agreement to the Guidelines, and replaced it with a Submit button. You’re still asked to confirm agreement to the Terms on the final page before you submit.
  • Submit Flow – The bottom control bar buttons are now more intuitive. Specifically we moved the "Delete Project" and "Preview" buttons to the right column above the Project Tile preview.
  • Auto Save – Projects now auto-save when you make a change. You may see a yellow alert banner below the Progress Bar.
  • "Save and Exit" button now appears if you submit a new project with another project still Awaiting Approval. A tool tip reminds you that you can save your progress, but have to wait to submit until a moderator has looked at your other project.


This is the last user experience update for a while. But don't worry, we're building the foundation for even more improvements to the LEGO Ideas experience in 2017 and beyond. We're also looking forward to the next wave of 10k Club interviews and building our new Yellow Submarine sets!


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