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Rebuild The World

Today, the LEGO Group® launch Rebuild The World, a campaign to help nurture the creative skills of the next generation. 

Inspiring creativity is more critical and urgent than ever. The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report places creative problem solving in the top three skills the job market will require from 2020. Imaginative play helps children learn how to innovate, problem solve and think critically throughout their lives. 

The LEGO Group believes that every child is born with incredible creative problem solving capabilities, but we need to act now to nurture that creativity so that it can become a lifelong skill, as the future depends on it. 

The LEGO system has long been the ultimate platform for creative expression and creative problem solving.  Children and adults don’t just imagine what to build, they can build and rebuild.  Experiment.  Fail.  Break the rules.  Fail and Try again… This is the cycle of human creativity and the essence of the LEGO System in Play. 

Now, we’re going even further. Through Rebuild The World, we want to inspire children and adults to unleash their creativity, join the Rebuild The World challenge and rebuild a world of endless possibilities for real.  Learn more by visiting  

One of the people helping to launch this campaign is David Aguilar! Since he was a child, David Aguilar was obsessed with LEGO bricks. He spent his childhood building cars, airplanes, helicopters and finally at just 9 years of age, his own prosthesis. Born with a deformed arm, the self-styled "Hand Solo" decided to take his LEGO building skills to the next level. At age 18, he perfected his designs with the MK2, a prosthetic arm with the ability to bend and pick up objects with a pincer-like grip. Now, he’s the coolest kid on the block and continues to rebuild his world.

As some of the biggest advocates for creative expression and creative problem solving, we hope you will keep inspiring others to Rebuild The World! Go to to see how you can take part in this campaign, and keep rebuilding your world and share your creativity with us and the community here on LEGO Ideas! 

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