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Winner Announcement! - The LEGO® NINJAGO® & 1-Button Game Challenge

If it were up to me, all of these games would be award-winning! However, there can only be 6 winners. And today we're here to announce who those 6 are!

So without further-ado, here are the winners of this contest as decided by you:


Grand Prize - Ninjago: SAVING Ninja LLOYD by Vectorizer - 113 Votes

Runner Up - NINJAGO: SKY TEMPLE by galloping_bull - 43 Votes

Behavior Bricks

Grand Prize - BEHAVIOR BRICKS: MOONWALK by LEGO Monkey - 58 Votes

Runner Up - BEHAVIOR BRICKS: ROBOT ROCKET by Squicman - 47 Votes


Grand Prize - ORIGINAL: TERMINAL VELOCITY by ExeSandbox - 69 Votes

Runner Up - ORIGINAL: ATLANTIC WAVES by CrypticAlbatross - 65 Votes

What did you vote for? One of the winners? :) Let us know down below and be sure to congratulate the winners too.

Thank you for everyone who took part and thank you all for playing and creating some incredible games.

Honorable Mention

An Honorable Mention goes out to Ninjago: The Art of Stealth by Joeshmoe5541 who unfortunately didn't get back to me in time due to a technical issue out of control for both of us. So we will also be sending them a small prize too and of course should also be celebrated!

What's next?

Currently we only have one contest running, all the way through to January! It's Star Wars themed (yay!) and it's all about brickfilms! View all the information here.


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