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New Contest - The LEGO® NINJAGO® & 1-Button Game Challenge

Can you create a digital game, which plays using only one button? In this contest, we’re looking for entertaining one button games which can be played again and again.

But what is a one button game? Simply, a game that only has one button to play. So it could be timing your jumps, double tapping or holding to charge or load something, all using the same button in game!

Link to one button example: Here is a great example.

With the free LEGO Microgame from Unity, you can create and personalize a game that is either:

  • A LEGO NINJAGO-themed game
  • A game with a theme of your choice (Use of third-party IPs is NOT allowed)
  • A behavior bricks-only game (No additional scripting)

The winners of this contest will get the amazing chance to have their game playable in LEGO Retail stores.

Never built a game? No problem! Just download Unity and the free LEGO Microgame to get started. Are you an advanced game developer? Bring it on and show your skills as the LEGO Microgame offers unlimited creative possibilities, so treat it like any other game project, but with LEGO bricks in it. Are you a keen Studio builder? Import your builds to the game. We can assure you - you’ll never run out of bricks.

Once you've built your game, come back to LEGO Ideas and show off your game! Create a trailer, make posters, share screenshots. Make your game look as interesting as possible!

How to participate?

New Users: On a laptop or personal computer, visit Unity’s dedicated LEGO Microgame page and click Get Started at the top.

If you’re creating a LEGO NINJAGO-themed game, you should download the LEGO® NINJAGO® Add-On pack from the Unity Asset Store here.

Current Users: Make sure you have Unity 2020.3 LTS → open the Unity Hub (v2.4.2 or later), then from the Hub, go to: Projects > New (2020.3 LTS) > and select "LEGO Microgame" from the list of templates · You need to publish your LEGO Microgame creation on the Unity Play platform, then share the link to your game when submitting your entry to this contest.

Make sure to add your LEGO Ideas username in your Unity description.

Submit a trailer, make posters, share screenshots of your game in your submission.

Your game should be one of the following:

  • A LEGO NINJAGO-themed game
    • Please make sure to download the LEGO NINJAGO assets.
  • A game with a theme of your choice (No 3rd party IPs allowed)
    • Create your own themed game! Or a game with no theme at all.
  • A behavior bricks-only game (No additional scripting)
    • Using just the behavior bricks functionality, what game can you create?


How to get started with Unity?

We highly recommended checking out Unity Learn Beginners Mods to explore customization of your LEGO Microgame: 

You must be age 18+ to download and create with the LEGO Microgame, so younger creators bring in your family members to build it together.

Each Grand Prize winner (1 per category) of this contest, will receive the following:

  • The exclusive chance to have your game playable in LEGO Retail stores.
  • 1 year Unity Pro subscription
  • Unity Asset Store credits - 200$ USD to each GP winner
  • 71374 – Nintendo Entertainment System
  • 71360 – Mario Starter Course
  • 21166 – The Abandoned Mine
  • 71741 – City Gardens

ENTRY DEADLINE: Submit your entry no later than November 4th, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. EST.  If you’re not sure what time zone you’re in, here’s a time zone converter.


Head on over to the contest page to read the contest rules and get started! And good luck! If you have any questions drop them in the comments down below.

Update Oct 6th - Prizes

Hello everyone! We have decided to update the prizes for this contest, to include Ninjago sets! We heard your loud and clear, Ninjago sets are now part of the prize packages :)

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