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Contest Winners - Create ART to be enjoyed by all!

You've created Art, now it's time for the art to be enjoyed by all! It's time to announce the winners of this contest. The judges found it very difficult to choose winners, and also provide some variety too!

So in no particular order:

Winner #1 - Reflection by _Regn

Elegant, and nicely executed piece of optical art. Modern, fresh and fun. 

Winner #2 - Africa Adorned I by Mind the Brick

This perspective of traditional African art is elegantly executed.  

Winner #3 - The Art of Arts by citizen7994

 Very well considered piece with some accomplished building details in there too. 

Winner #4 - Brick on the Mind by YGREKLEGO

Fun, light and inspired visual piece of artful storytelling.

Winner #5 - Emergence by OnceUponaTime

Art so good, it literally leaps of the page!


Honorable Mentions

Curved and Colors by BrickFan80

Visually uplifting, an aesthetic feast for the eyes. A beautiful combination of colors, shapes and elements!


Be sure to congratulate each of the creators behind the entries, as their incredible work deserves it!

What's Next? 

Have you submitted your entry for our 'Celebrate The Holidays in a Galaxy Far Far Away' contest yet? Where you need to give a holiday themed makeover to some iconic Star Wars things!

You might be too busy, working on Building a Ghost You Are Afraid Of! Our Ghostbusters themed contest.

Or you'r busing coming up with a fantastic idea, for another LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor!

Whatever you're working on, best of luck!

UPDATE: Dec 23rd from Jacob.

As you may expect, it's always hard to double triple check entries have not broken rules and sometimes, you only find out after the fact. On this ocasion that is exactly what happened. A winning entry was removed as it was not built for this contest, which is against the contest rules for this and all other contests on LEGO Ideas.

As you can see we have now announced a new winner! I want to echo that I truly appreciate the community's commitment to upholding the rules. be sure to congratulate the new winner.

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