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Introducing LEGO® Ideas 21340 Tales of the Space Age

Introducing the LEGO® Ideas 21340 Tales of the Space Age set that is bound to blast off the shelves! These stunning designs were originally submitted by our first Polish fan designer Jan Woźnica (john_carter) in 2021. 

Based on minimalistic expression of the romance of the universe, alongside having the same visual style as the classic posters from the 80s, the 688 element set colourfully expresses the tales of the space age with a retro graphic made from LEGO bricks.

The four-piece postcard sized set is vibrant and showcases an overarching story of a space shuttle, moon base, black hole, lunar eclipse, different star constellations and more. Additionally, it offers lots of flexibility in how it can be arranged, as each picture is physically independent of the others.



The LEGO Tales of the Space Age set is available from 5th May for LEGO VIPs and 8th May for all via LEGO Stores and priced at $49.99 €49.99 –  £44.99 GBP (*EURO pricing varies by country. For regional prices please visit

Jan explains a little more about how this creation came to be - "When The LEGO Group released the Art theme, I realised it had a lot of potential, but 1x1 tiles mosaics were not my cup of tea. Then came the “Out of This World” contest on LEGO Ideas and since I’m a sci-fi nerd I decided to participate. These two inspirations resulted in the brick-built picture format and the first of the “tales”. There are other sources of inspiration in it too, including classic SF book covers, 80s posters and so on." Jan went on build additional "postcards" after participating in, and winning a runner-up spot, in the "Out of This World" challenge, after which he submitted the trilogy to LEGO Ideas in November 2021, gaining 10,000 supporters in less than 3 months.



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