Meet the Antons!

We love, and are astonished, by the creativity that comes out of the LEGO community, which in many cases is not limited to just building amazing models but also goes one step further into storytelling and photography.

One such creative fan, Jay Phoenix, on behalf of LEGO fan media New Elementary, dreamt up that Anton was not just a fisherman who had a challenging time catching his cheeky cat, but rather it was a whole family - The Antons - who were on a great voyage out at sea together, using all the essential equipment from the Old Fishing Store to get by.

The short story starts below: 

A Family Affair

The modern world can be an overwhelming experience for some people – with such technical advancements as social media, smartphones and anti-spill bottles, some people just wanna retreat back to the good ol’ days where the best way to meet strangers was visiting the pub, phones were only used for phoning people and if you knocked over your cup of coffee the carpet below would have to live with the consequences. The Anton family largely fell into this group, and after their fishing store went bankrupt from investing in several dud products, they decided to do the most logical thing a family would do in this situation and completely rebuild their store into a small fishing boat so they could traverse the waves, away from the many trappings of today’s world.

The Anton’s fishing boat features all the essential equipment needed for extended (or in this case, pretty much indefinite) voyages out at sea, plus a few personal touches to really make themselves feel at home on what’s essentially some cobbled-together wood in the middle of a vast unforgiving ocean. It’s not much, but for them it’s home sweet home.

Of course if you’re exploring unknown waters, it’s usually wise to bring the proper weaponry to defend yourself from the many terrors of the depths - thankfully for the Antons, they conveniently had an unsold industrial harpoon launcher lying around at the back of the old shop so naturally that was what they opted to install right at the front of the ship. It’s maintained by resident tinkerer Steven Anton, pictured here demonstrating the functionality of the harpoon launcher with a dud and definitely not aiming for a seagull in the distance or anything.

What happens next? Head over to New Elementary to read the full story of this wayfaring family!


Credit: Jay Phoenix for New Elementary

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