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Sage Advice From Savvy Designers - Part 3

In this week's edition of Sage Advice From Savvy Designers our designer, Mark Stafford, discusses why it's critical to know more about your audience and what they are looking for.

On LEGO Ideas you can have multiple audiences ranging from LEGO fans to fans of the license/intellectual property you may be using as part of your submission. It's important to remember that you also have one other big and important audience - The LEGO Review Board. 

By applying what you know about your audiences to your project you are more likely to have success with it. LEGO Designers and marketeers have to work by the same principles in reality. Who are we selling LEGO sets to and what do they like? Sometimes it can take multiple attempts to get it right, which is why being persistent is important as well. If your project doesn't make it the first time around, remember that you are always welcome to make improvements to it and re-submit it. 

Tune in next week to catch our last episode of Sage Advice From Savvy Designers!


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