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You all sure were excited to celebrate 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons! And we can understand why you’ve been so thrilled to share this journey with us!  
With over 620 top-notch submissions that are filled with everything that exemplifies what is most loved in the Dungeons & Dragons community, the Wizards of the Coast and LEGO® IDEAS™ teams had their work cut out for them in finding a handful of epic designs that could become real LEGO sets.  

The decision has come down to these 5 impressive designs below, which you can now vote for!  

Use this link to cast your vote


The Monster Manual By KolonelPureCake 

The variety of iconic monsters bursting out of a book is a great expression of the Monster Manual. It really brings those monsters to life in a unique way.  

This is one epic encounter! 


Xanathar, the Beholder By Shaddowtoa 

An iconic villain in the Dungeons & Dragons universe mixed with the added functionality of the surrounding build pairs seamlessly.  

Behold! The most well protected dice storage you could possibly imagine! 


Transforming Mimic By farmfarm 

Something that all Dungeons & Dragons fans know. The well disguised transformation function is a wonderful feature for this iconic monster.  

This is one treasure chest that you'll be glad transforms! 


Tiamat's Dice Tower  By tcompton1234 

The silhouette and presence of Tiamat wrapping around the building makes such an impact. The additional functionality of the dice tower makes it a great hybrid of display and play!  

You'll be rolling well with Tiamat; The Queen of Dragons watching over you! 


Dragon's Keep: Journey's End  By BoltBuilds 

The all-round 360 experience of this model, the level of detail and dynamic composition really brings all the iconic aspects of Dungeons & Dragons to life.  

An epic adventure from start to finish! 

Best of luck to all our talented creators! Use this link to cast your vote. You have the opportunity to vote once for your favorite entry, starting from the 28th of November 2022 to 12th of December 2022. 
The Fan Vote phase for this promotion is intended to help the Judges gauge fan interest in specific designs, and validate fan excitement for Dungeons & Dragons. The Judges will ultimately choose which model from the Fan Vote phase will become a LEGO® IDEAS™ set, regardless of the number of Fan Votes obtained, although lots of votes certainly helps!  

As a reminder, or so new fans are filled in: the selected entry may be subject to change. LEGO set designers will take the original submission and refine it into a LEGO product that’s ready for release. For full details on the process, please visit our guidelines page here

Happy voting! 


DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast LLC and is used with permission. ©2022 Wizards of the Coast. 

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