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Final updates to LEGO Ideas for 2019

As the year end soon comes to a close, we're happy to share the final updates to the platform for 2019; which rounds off a year with a number of significant updates. 

So what's new this time around?

@User_207790 Mentions

Despite already being soft-launched a couple of weeks ago, we're glad to officially inform everyone that it's now possible to @User_207790 mention or "tag" another user in a comment. This has been on our, and some of your, wishlists for a while, so we're really happy to have been able to add this feature to improve conversation among our members. Being able to mention another member, makes it much easier to bring attention to something, for instance, if you want to tell your friend on LEGO Ideas about a particularly cool Product Idea you've just seen that they should check out. 

Please do remember that this tool is for conversation and not for spamming other members and self-promoting your own submissions. 


Product Ideas Rating System

We're introducing a new way for members with Product Ideas to get feedback about their design from the community. The intent behind the feedback rating feature is for creators to get private quantitative feedback so that they can get a better understanding of what other members think of different parts of their Product Ideas submission.

Using that quantitative feedback, the creator of the submission can get an idea of improvement areas, so that they can use the editing or updates functionality to make necessary changes if desired. 

They could even take that feedback and open up a conversation in their comments section to get more qualitative feedback from members. For instance, if a creator can see their project ranks a bit lower on building techniques, then they can ask other members what they could be improved in that area to make the model appeal even more to new supporters.

Project creators can see the feedback from other members consolidated in the "Statistics" tab of their Product Idea.


Let us know your feedback

Did you know that you can always send us feedback about what you think doesn’t work or how you envision LEGO Ideas could change for the better?

To consolidate and get a better overview of all your feedback, we’ve added a new feature to our support portal ( The “I suggest you” feature allows you to:

  • Submit an idea for improving the LEGO Ideas experience
  • Vote for and comment on improvement ideas that other members have already submitted

Instead of sending us your ideas for improvements or feature requests via email or in blog comments (you’re still welcome to do so of course), we’d prefer if feedback such as this is made via the “I suggest you” feature. By voting for your favourite ideas you give us an indication of what concerns you or what you’re longing for the most, so that we can investigate how feasible it is for us to implement this.

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