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Contest Winners - Music to our ears!

The time has finally come to reveal the results of our Music to our ears fan vote! Thank you to everyone who voted on any of these submissions. Your collective voices have been heard, signed a record deal, smashed out a number 1 single and now are living a life of luxury here on LEGO Ideas.

So, here are the results!

In order of votes...

1st - Daft Punk concert with Lego Night Mode by RobotRock - 2109 Votes



2nd - JAZZ QUARTET by Hsinwei Chi - 1926 Votes



3rd - LEGORILLAZ by yop1172. - 1335 Votes



4th - Musical Modular by Okay - 982 Votes



5th - Mr. Radio by MrMaestro - 566 Votes



6th - Long Live Queen! by Brickskipper  - 485 Votes



7th - Legendary stratocaster by TOMOELL - 427 Votes



8th - Ludwig van Beethoven by Stevenhoward27 - 313 Votes



9th - The Last Organ Grinder by Roldan A.G. - 150 Votes


Be sure to congratulate each of the creators behind the entries, as their incredible work deserves it!

Product Review Status...

As you may already know, all of these 9 entries are currently going through a Product Review regardless of how many votes each entry got! We would love to update you, however we're still working away and which of these entries (if any) are to be turned into an official product.

Please stay tuned as we will be updating you as and when any decision is made.

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