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New Contest - You’re the final piece!

Imagine having your very own LEGO design or photograph featured on the front of a new 1,000-piece puzzle produced and distributed by Chronicle Books. Puzzled? Don’t be! Join this next contest challenge and test your building, storytelling, and design skills! 

What makes a puzzle great is the visual expression, so we’re looking for you to submit a top of the class, creative photograph representing any of the below categories that were voted in by the community on LEGO Ideas

  • Space & Astronomy
    • Think out of this world, real or imagined! We’re looking for images destined for infinity and beyond!
  • Nature Scenes
    • Jaw-dropping mountains, lush jungles, plants and flowers, detailed landscapes and incredible sunsets would all be great entries in this category. We’re looking for nature at its most beautiful.
  • Retro
    • We’re talking anything older than 20 years or so, but brought back to life in LEGO bricks! Dig out the classics— LEGO nostalgia to vintage clothes, patterns, hairstyles, tech, or anything else that screams ‘retro cool.’
  • Architecture
    • Modern, classic, ancient, futuristic? You be the architect! Find inspiration from classic styles or dream up the next big thing.

Please include the first word of the category in the title of your entry.

All entries that reach the Fan Vote phase of this contest, will be included in a Puzzle Design review. Enter and you stand a chance of becoming the next LEGO puzzle designer!..

Submissions that we allow in this contest include:

  • Toy Photography
  • High quality photograph or rendering of a brick-built creation in a neat setting
  • Digital Art

Chronicle Books have said the best entries will: 

  • Feature a clear unifying theme or storyline.
  • Make use of patterns, gradation, and/or repetition.
  • Not have too much empty space or large borders.
  • Include a variety of different colors.
  • Have enough variation to be challenging as a puzzle for fans 9+
  • Have good image quality (350 dpi or greater at puzzle size)
    • Can be enlarged to a large format puzzle: approximately 25.5 inches wide x 20.5 inches tall (64.8 x 52 cm). A 5:4 ratio/rectangular shape is ideal.



All submitted designs for this contest must be original, creative designs, i.e. we will not accept submissions featuring official LEGO sets.

No 3rd party IP references will be accepted in this contest. This includes entertainment, landmarks, historical Ips, and royalty covered places.

* Like the regular LEGO Ideas Product Idea Review process, the Puzzle Design review phase does not guarantee that any entry will be turned into an official puzzle.



If there is a Puzzle Design Review winner, they will receive credit on the puzzle, 1% of net sales of the product (an “author” royalty) and 10 copies of the finished puzzle.

Four Winners (one per category) from the fan vote will each receive:

  • Goodies from LEGO Publishing and Chronicle Books
  • All of the below LEGO Ideas sets
    • 21322 LEGO Ideas Pirates of Barracuda Bay
    • 21324 LEGO Ideas 123 Sesame Street
    • 21325 LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith
    • 21326 LEGO Ideas Winnie The Pooh


ENTRY DEADLINE: Submit your entry no later than July 20th, 2021 at 6:00 a.m. EST.  If you’re not sure what time zone you’re in, here’s a time zone converter


Head on over to the contest page to read the contest rules and get started! And good luck! If you have any questions drop them in the comments down below.


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