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Fan Vote - Help choose a book to celebrate the LEGO®️ brick!

We’re going to make a book for LEGO superfans about the LEGO brick – and we’re giving you the chance to help decide what kind of book it will be.

We’ve consulted with a panel of AFOLs to come up with three book ideas to choose from, and you can cast your vote to determine the final direction. So choose wisely!

Check out the 3 book ideas below, then head over to our voting page to cast your vote.


The LEGO Brick Museum

Step inside the pages of this book to discover a museum of the LEGO brick – where you will discover the amazing range of bricks, elements and other pieces that make up the LEGO world, from the first hollow bricks in the 1950s to pieces made from plant-based plastic today. The book will include new information from LEGO insiders, designers and experts.

* Not final cover art


LEGO History in 100 Bricks

What are the 100 most significant bricks in LEGO history? This book presents the bricks that made new building techniques possible, defined a toy theme, or signified a new era – the entire LEGO story told through 100 of the most iconic bricks. Each of the 100 bricks is presented with a fascinating, in-depth essay, and includes contributions from LEGO insiders, designer and experts.

* Not final cover art


The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks

Every LEGO brick has a story to tell. This book goes behind the scenes to uncover the secrets of how and why individual LEGO elements get designed and made, and how they each form part of the LEGO system. A detailed, in-depth and sometimes quirky look at the individual building blocks of the LEGO world, with contributions from LEGO designers, experts and more.

* Not final cover art


What more can you tell me?

This book isn’t like any LEGO book that has come before. It will only be available for pre-order online, via our collaboration partner Unbound (learn more about them below), once the winning book idea has been announced, for a period of around 6 months. Each person that pre-orders the book will have their name printed in the back, and there will be a series of rewards available to buy with each book, specially selected by the LEGO Group - some from the archive. More information about the pre-order and different reward packages will come once the pre-order is ready to go live.


Who will write the book?

The book is in the professional hands of lifelong LEGO fan and US Editor of Blocks magazine, Daniel Konstanski, who will ensure that it captures what AFOLs are looking for.


When can I buy the book?

The winning book will be announced here on LEGO Ideas and on our social media channels no later than September 2020. This announcement will include a link to pre-order the book, including the opportunity to pledge a variety of reward packages.


Vote deadline

The fan vote closes on the 9th of August, 2020 at 16:00 CEST.


How do I vote?

Go to this voting page and click the blue "Participate" button. You will see three book options in the vote. Simply select the image representing the book you would like us to make. You can also tell us why you made that choice using the comments and suggest bricks, elements or stories you would like to see included in the book, all of which can help inspire the author's direction and content.


How do I find out which book won?

The winning book will be announced via the LEGO Ideas platform and social media channels and it will include a link to our collaboration partner at Unbound, where you can pre-order your copy along with a range of exciting LEGO rewards.


How do I buy the book?

The book will be available for pre-ordering on Unbound no later than September 2020. A link to the book’s crowdfunding page will be sent out via the LEGO Ideas platform and social media channels. The book will only be available as pre-order this year as a special gift to AFOLs. You will have the opportunity to pledge for the book (with your name featured in the back) and there will also be LEGO Rewards available to buy alongside the book. These will include some specially selected items from the LEGO archive, and some items created especially to be sold with the book.


What additional rewards can I pledge for?

In addition to just pre-ordering the book starting no later than September 2020, you will be able to pledge towards unique rewards. These rewards that you can pledge to will first be revealed when the pre-order starts. 


Will the book be available in the shops?

This book will only be available to pre-order on Unbound. The pre-order phase begins no later than September 2020.


Who is Unbound?

Unbound is our partner on this project and specialise in by bringing authors into direct communication with readers and delivering books that don’t fit the mould through crowdfunding. The pre-order phase will take place on their platform at


Got any other questions then let us know in the comments below

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