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Strike a chord with the Fender Stratocaster! - Contest Intake Closed

I'm afraid it's time for our concert to end for now, as the intake phase for our Fender Stratocaster contest has drawn to a close! Although if you scream loud enough (or not, because this will happen anyway ;) ) we will be back for an encore in the form of a Fan Vote!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this contest. Our judges are eagerly awaiting to pick their Top 40 for the fan vote, happening on November 18th.

As a reminder, a panel of judges consisting of members of the LEGO Ideas Design team and Fender will choose 40 entries for our ‘Top 40’ Fan Vote, based on:     

  • Overall coolness and originality: 25%  
  • Most inspired details: 25%  
  • Relevance to contest theme: 25%  
  • Best use of LEGO elements: 25% 

We will then leave it up to you, the community to decide the ‘Top 10’ as well as the ‘Number 1’ of the ‘Top 40’. The Fan Vote will take place from Friday November 19th to Friday November 26th!

And once that's all said and done, we will announce the winners on December 3rd!


It looks like we won't have any active contests for a little while, however we will have one more contest before the end of the year... And it's a great one! So stay tuned :)

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