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Design a FIRST LEGO League Robot mission model! - Winner Announcement

It's June 15th, so it's time to announce the winners of our incredible contest to design a FIRST LEGO League Robot mission model! Thank you to everyone who took the time to create and submit an entry to this contest. Or even if you'e just following along! I hope you're all excited and happy with the winners chosen.

Speaking of the winners, here they are:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER - Sustainable Agriculture Challenge BY Beto_Builds

“It has not been easy to select the winner and runner ups from so many wonderful entries. But this great FIRST LEGO League Mission Model really ticks all boxes. It looks impressive, and the way the model needs to be activated by the robot – in two separate steps – is creative and challenging. But not TOO challenging. We really like how well the model represents the clear story about crop rotation, and it has great educational relevance. Activating (scoring points) with this Mission Model requires unique and specific capabilities from the robot, and really adds something to the overall game play. The built is very clean and sturdy, and the movement can be repeated over and over again without failure or damage to the model. This model would only need VERY minor tweaks by the LEGO Education design team, if any, to be considered FIRST LEGO League-ready. We look forward to the meeting with its designer. Congratulations!

Runner Up WINNER 1 - 2 Stage Ball Mission BY TiagoCatarino

“This Mission Model is very robust and well-built. What is really great about it, is the varying difficulty level of the two activations of the model. Most FIRST LEGO League teams will be able to release the ball by pushing the lever down, whereas picking up the ball and dropping it in the basket to raise the flag is quite the challenge, even for more advanced teams. This Mission Model could be tweaked to fit a specific season theme, but it is considered highly suitable for a FIRST LEGO League Robot Game as it is. Another plus is the clear end-state scoring, with the flag popping up. This kind of detail tells the spectators when to cheer!”

Runner Up WINNER 2 - Ball Jump BY Griffinrampant

“This one is FUN! A Robot Game element that would be very dynamic to watch, with an element of surprise and requiring a dose of luck. We love the old carnival look, and it’s a clever, sturdy built. Very cool, thank you for participating in the contest!”

Honorable Mentions


“This Mission Model has a strong story. When you look at it you immediately understand how it works! It would probably need some small tweaks to make the pins slightly easier to grab for the robot, but it would be a great game element. It’s also very suitable for the Robot Game, that teams can score points for each bar they remove, and not necessarily need to complete them all.”



“We like the simplistic design, and the randomness. It would be interesting to see FIRST LEGO League teams use color sensors to score this Mission Model. It’s also fun that they could run the same program to attempt it over-and-over again as long as the time allows.”


ROBOT Putt-PUTT By RegalWig027

“Interesting mechanism, easy to tie to a Robot Game story, clear end-state scoring, and above all it’s really fun to look at!”

Thanks again to everyone who took part in this contest! 


If you're feeling creative, you could try your hand at creating a comic book cover of your friendly neighborhood comic book hero!

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