How to get the latest LEGO Ideas news!

Ever wondered how you can stay up to date with the latest LEGO Ideas news? 

Luckily you've got several options depending on what channels you prefer most.

As you might expect, we publish all "breaking news" to the official LEGO Ideas Facebook page and Twitter account as well as summarise highlights in the Weekly Digest. But we understand not everyone spends all day browsing social media or wants to wait a week for the news to arrive. 

For those of you not active on social media, yet still want immediate updates, you can still get the latest news by simply following the LEGO Ideas blog. That way you'll receive an email notification as soon as we publish a new blog post!

Follow the blog with these 3 easy steps: 

  1. Login to your LEGO Ideas account
  2. Visit the LEGO Ideas blog and click the blue "Follow" button in the top right corner of the page

  3. Visit your "My Preferences" page under your profile and make sure to tick the box next to "Someone posts a new blog post" and rememeber to save your updated preference.



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