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Celebrate 20 years of magic with LEGO Harry Potter™! - Contest Winner Announcement

About as prestigious as winning the Triwizard Tournament, the winners for our 'Celebrate 20 years of magic with LEGO Harry Potter™!' contest have been found! 🪄

Thank you to everyone who took part in our latest Harry Potter contest, introducing the winners!:

GRAND Prize WINNER - Legacy By bulldoozer

RUNNER Up WINNER 1 - HP20 - Magical CABINET OF Characters By Gitto-Negron Workshop

RUNNER Up WINNER 2 - "Hogwarts is my home" - HARRY Potter By PedroPRS.AFOL

Thank you once again to everyone who took part in this contest! 


We have two fantastic contests active at the moment. The first is this contest asking you to code and create a game that plays using just one button! The other, is all about our latest LEGO Ideas set, the Fender Stratocaster and the music created with the real instrument... Not the LEGO one... Although if you make a song with the LEGO one, please let me know.

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