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Target x LEGO Ideas Set Vote! - Closed... Results Coming Soon!

We've given you the extraordinary opportunity for another LEGO Ideas set to be brought to life, on top of the incredible lineup we have coming up. But the vote has now closed!

This comes in the form of a Fan Vote between three incredible previous 10K product ideas that did not make it to production the first time around in an exclusive collaboration with US retailer Target. 

Thank you to everyone who voted!



So we've got a job to do counting all the votes, verifying them and once we're sure who has won; we're set to announce the winner in August 2022!

I want to know more!

Q: How long is the fan vote open?
A: Well, the fan vote is open NOW as of May 17th 2022 and will close on May 31st 2022. So make sure to get your vote in soon!

Q: Why were these three sets chosen?
A: These three sets were chosen to embrace 3 different types of LEGO® builds, which can be built solo or with family and friends! 

  1. Marine Life is an alluring display piece
  2. Viking Village is a challenging historical build
  3. Golf Course is an interactive set with endless possibilities

Q: When will the winning set be announced?
A: We're planning on announcing this in August 2022, but this is subject to change.

Q: What does the partnership with Target mean? Will it be available in the rest of the world too?
A: The set will have almost the same availability as regular LEGO Ideas sets – with the exception of in the United States, where it will be exclusively available through Target in addition to LEGO Brand Retail stores and the LEGO online shop.

Q: Will this set impact the next review(s)?
A: No! This is an extra set on top of the incredible sets we’re providing you with already or sets we’re already working on.

Q: Can we expect this to be repeated in the future?
A: Maybe! We would love to do something like this again, but no promises.

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