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Update to LEGO® Ideas Guidelines: Restricting projects based on active licenses

Since we started accepting your ideas for new LEGO sets, we’ve kept our Guidelines open until we learn something is simply not practical. Early on, we learned to restrict projects that proposed an entire playtheme, new LEGO elements, and ideas that weren’t brick-based LEGO sets. Along the way, we’ve gradually adjusted the scope of projects we accept as we learn what is realistically possible. We will continue to do so as we evolve the LEGO Ideas experience.

Over the years, we have heard from many of you who have wondered if we would ever approve a project based on an existing license like Star Wars or MARVEL Super Heroes. Our Guidelines have maintained that these types of concepts are more likely to overlap our existing pipeline, and they have a smaller chance of passing our review because we are actively developing those product lines.

LEGO Ideas will no longer accept new submissions based on third-party licenses that are active in the LEGO Group’s portfolio.

Today we’ve updated our Guidelines and House Rules to clarify the types of models we will accept as LEGO® Ideas projects. The main focus of this update is that we will no longer allow projects that are based on currently active licenses in our product portfolio, like Star Wars, MARVEL Super Heroes, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and so on.

We’ve updated our Guidelines about licensed properties to reflect this, and added a list of restricted licensed properties to the License Conflicts and Resolutions page in the Knowledge Base. If we retire a third-party license and it didn't enter the LEGO portfolio via LEGO Ideas we'll remove it from our list, and you’ll then be welcome to submit projects based on it.

Why are you leaving existing projects active instead of archiving them?

In some cases, when we introduce new Guidelines we’ve archived affected projects. In this case, we’ve found many Ideas projects reference active third-party IP. Quite a few of these projects include sub-brands, spin offs, and extended universes from our licenses. In order to archive these projects, we would first need to review and decide on each one. Instead, we will evaluate and apply the Guideline to new project submissions going forward. Projects currently being reviewed, as well as active projects that reach 10,000 supporters in the future, will still be evaluated as part of the LEGO Review. Just like before, these projects would have a slimmer chance of passing the LEGO Ideas review, as they overlap with existing licenses in the LEGO product portfolio.

We’ve also made minor updates to our Terms of Service:

  • Section III.(ii.) Commercialization and Compensation: Added payment schedule to second paragraph.
  • Section V. Rules of Conduct: Replaced the first sentence, which was previously omitted in error.
  • Updated document version number at top, and trademark year at bottom.

Thanks again for participating here on LEGO Ideas. It’s an honor that you want to contribute toward future LEGO products that inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. We hope this update clarifies the types of product ideas we’re able to consider and focuses your efforts toward new and different concepts for potential LEGO products.


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