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Eleven Projects Qualify for the First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review

The First 2017 LEGO Ideas Review qualifying period ended this Monday morning, May 1st at 12:00 a.m. Central European Time or GMT+1.

We are thrilled to celebrate the ELEVEN wonderful projects that have gathered 10,000 supporters between the months of January 2017 and early May 2017. It's always impressive to see so many high quality projects reach this important milestone. Congrats to you all!

Although we're still working our way through the current 10K Club Interviews, we are greatly looking forward to welcoming and celebrating the next 11 talented builders.

Do you have a favourite amongst these eleven?


The Blues Mobile by Eini (Kai Einfeldt)


Sega Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke


Quest Builder by Ymarilego


Red Arrows Hawk by M4 CUS & RAFRed10


Venetian Houses by McMarco


Jeep Wrangler Rubicon​ by ck80


NBC's The Office by Lego The Office


Tron Legacy Light Cycle by BrickBros UK


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by bruceywan


Surf Rescue by LegoSurfRescue


Medieval Watermill by fishingtwister


Third 2016 LEGO Review Results

The LEGO Review Board is hard at work wrapping up the Third 2016 LEGO Review and we look forward to sharing the news with you all as soon as they are ready. Below are the 13 fantastic projects that are currently being reviewed. This includes Voltron: Defender of the Universe project from the previous review period, which is still being considered as a possible LEGO Ideas set.



Voltron: Defender of the Universe still being considered:

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  • review qualification deadline

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