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Fan Vote Closed – Help choose the next LEGO Puzzle theme!

Thank you to everyone for helping us with launching a new type of contest, looking for you to submit your own unique work of art for a 1,000-piece LEGO puzzle, to be produced and distributed by Chronicle Books! 

The fan vote however has to come to a close, the votes have to be counted and the top four most popular options will become the themes that we’ll be looking for in the contest! 

As a reminder, the themes you have been voting for to be the next LEGO Puzzle are: 

  • Nature scenes  
  • Patterns  
  • Architecture   
  • Animals and creatures   
  • Travel   
  • Tech   
  • Space/Astronomy   
  • Retro  
  • Interior/Home Décor 

Also, all submitted designs for the contest must be original designs, i.e. we will not accept submissions featuring official LEGO sets. 

No 3rd party IP references will be accepted in the upcoming contest. This includes entertainment, landmark, historical IPs and royalty covered places.  

We will be announcing the categories with the launch of the contest very soon!


If you're feeling creative, you could try your hand at creating a comic book cover of your friendly neighborhood comic book hero!

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