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Sage Advice From Savvy Designers - Part I

Have you ever wondered how you can improve your chances of reaching the 10,000 supporter milestone with your LEGO Ideas project and ultimately getting it approved to become the next LEGO Ideas set?

Well, we thought you might have had such thoughts floating about inside that creative mind of yours! 

So we gathered the collective wisdom of LEGO designers Mark Stafford, Sam Johnson, Mathew Boyle and Adam Corbally to share some of their best advice as well as what you as a fan designer can expect of the LEGO Ideas process in this 4 part mini-series. Whether you're a new or long-time member, there's lots of handy tips to learn about.

Check out the first episode below and tune in over the next few weeks to catch new episodes of Sage Advice From Savvy Designers!



What are some of your best tips for success? Share them with us in the comments below.

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