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Share Your Most Creative Ideas on Fun ®LEGO Voice Experiences Contest - Fan Vote Reset

Dear members, 

Over the last days, as we've read comments on the "Share Your Most Creative Ideas on Fun ®LEGO Voice Experiences Contest - Fan Vote Open!" blog post, it's come to our attention that we haven't lived up to the high standards we set of ourselves and that you expect of us. It's a situation we take very seriously and it's something for which we apologise. 

We have read each and every comment from you all and must concede we’ve made significant errors in our top 20 selections in that entries that did not fully comply with our own rules made it into the Fan Vote. For this we apologize and promise to work hard to improve our processes to ensure this doesn’t happen again and to regain your trust in our judging process. In fact, we will immediately be reviewing our contest processes to understand where we went wrong and to make the necessary changes.


What happens next?

To remedy this we have made the difficult decision to reset the fan vote, which means disqualifying the entries that did not comply with the set contest rules and selecting new entries for the voting phase that do comply with the contest rules. Unfortunately, some contest entries did not contain a drawn visualization of the idea, but only a brick-built model and a description, which did not sufficiently comply with the rules. This should have been caught in our moderation of the entries. 

Our contest rules stated:

  • Your submission must include your idea in writing (entry description), explaining why you think this would be fun and what problem it might solve, accompanied by one or more drawings visualizing your idea. What you submit may be either digital drawings or photos of physical drawings.
  • You are welcome to also include a brick-built model representing your idea, but this is not a requirement and will not influence the judging.

We will contact each member whose submission has been disqualified, seperately. We are very sorry to the members whose models we’ve opted to remove from the fan vote and we understand that this is upsetting for the affected members.

We will be reconvening with our judges as quickly as possible to find new entries to replace those that have been disqualified and to restart the fan vote with a new 7 day voting period starting after our judges have found these new entries to include in the Top 20 for the fan vote.

We will update the contest details to account for the new dates and as soon as the entries have been selected for the fan vote, we will announce this new selection via a blog post. Please bear with us as it may take a little time.

If you have any questions, please do feel free to ask them in the comments and we will get back to you.

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