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Technic Cafe Racer


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As both LEGO and classical bike enthusiastist, I was always trying to make a functional but not too out of scale engine for Technic's motorcycles. After a while digging in the Technic world of parts, I ended up with a new engine block which has proper size compare to LEGO's motorcycle's scale, created by normal engine block part and a little touch of decoration. And as a Cafe Racer fan, I tried out the new engine block into the most timeless design trend of the motorcycle world - a cafe racer. My biggest reference was Honda 1965 CB77's 2 cylinder engine, intergrated into a modern design.

To design a Technic set is not just about aesthetic, construction and function are more crucial factors. The set should be quite playable, that means sturdy, visible mechanisms and their smooth movements. Those are my guidelines in the whole process of designing this model, and the results are these properties, listed below:

  • No illegal connections. I tried to design without those creatively part placements, as a real LEGO's designer would do, and keep the playing age restriction as low as possible.
  • Realistic functioning 2-gears gearbox and shifting mechanism.
  • Working front and rear suspension.
  • Working cardan axle for smooth power transmission from rear wheel to engine's crankshaft and vice versa. That's mean this bike can be pushed by hand to see working engine, and player could also connect the motorized power parts with the crankshaft and see it drives the wheel. 

Credit of stepper mechanism in gear shifting belongs to Lego Technic Mastery