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2/3 Scale Dodo Bird

     The dodo bird (scientifically Raphus cucullatus*) was a large, flightless bird that went extinct in the 17th century. It stood about 2-3 feet tall, with gray and white feathers, a large beak, and light brown skin. The reason it went extinct is, of course, humans. The dodo was easily hunted, as it had no natural fear of humans. In fact, according to the dictionary, its name comes from 'doudo', meaning 'simpleton'.

     In this set I have made a life sized model of a dodo. It is built in more of a carved or preserved style, as it is set on a wooden looking stand with a nameplate. Its lower jaw, wings, and toes are posable. The dodo's head and neck are made using a complex design of hinges and plates, giving it a very real look. I built this set simply to have a better version of a previous dodo model, but I believe it would make a great set because of its accuracy.

*cucullatus translates to "hooded" in Latin, presumably named so for the feathers around its head that looked like a hood. 

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