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Centaur Warrior

In this build, I try to mix Japanese samurai and future robot.
Moreover, I hope it has some ancient legends feel to it.
Then, "Centaur warrior" idea just came out my mind!

It is my first try to build animal theme-[ horse + human]
I hope this creation can stand out by itself, like a statue that can display in the living room.

Structurally, four legs standing was simple part, but for more post such as three legs standing wan's that easy. It took me long time to figure out the center of gravity.
For more post like dramatic running, I need to build a base to hold the body, show all the joints are real.
I really in joy the whole process of building this project and like the result. Hope this creation will bring joy to LEGO players also.

Love to build
Enjoy the process
Have fun

It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end-by Ernest Miller Hemingway

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