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Dr Oetker World (Bielefeld, Germany) Pudding Lovers

Dr. Oetker is a world-famous brand of puddings, cakes, pizzas and more. It is a family-run company based in Bielefeld, Germany. The Bielefeld offices and the test kitchen, where new products and recipes are tried out, are located in the Dr. Oetker World. The Dr. Oetker World, which has many visitors from all over the world throughout the year, is an important building in Bielefeld. Everyone knows it and you can see the yellow pudding from different perspectives through the large window front. With the themed world and museum and the famous big yellow pudding, the Dr. Oetker World should also be available as a Lego set for every fan at home. 

Everyone who loves pudding should dive into the Dr. Oetker World. It's a great Lego set because it has everything you love to build, a great building, different scenes like the pizza place, the family photo, and the pudding that makes pudding for you in a cup. The pudding itself is a little challenge to build. 

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