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Animal Crossing : LEGO Horizon


Welcome to Animal Crossing : LEGO Horizon

This project is inspired by the super popular video game: Animal Crossing.

The set includes a customizable island with cute animal inhabitants, all built with Lego bricks!

The island includes multiple features, such as:
  • Main house + Mailbox
  • Picnic table (with desserts)
  • Garden + Fruit Tree
  • Fishing beach (East side)
  • Crafting workbench
  • Mini-waterfall (West side)

You can customize the island layout, and use it as the arena to play with the brick-built villagers!

About the Brick-built villagers:
  • Inspired by the Adventure Time LEGO IDEAS set, the figurines in this set have movable arms to enhance playability.
  • Each brick-built figurine captures the key features of the character in a compact scale.
  • Majority of features are achieved with LEGO parts. Printed parts are used sparingly.
  • Figures scale is compatible with Brickheadz. You can build your own Brickheadz character and play with the villagers in this project!

 Characters included:
  • Isabelle
  • Tom Nook
  • K. K. Slider
  • Merengue
  • Reese
  • Blathers
  • Marshal
  • Raymond

Each character is made of about 100 parts

More characters may be added in future updates~

Total part count ( Island + characters ): 1521

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