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Hideout on the Beach

This build is an old abandoned surf shop that pirates and crooks have turned into a hideout. The building has two levels plus a roof deck. On the first level you will find the retail shop. It sells wetsuits, surfboards, surf wax, flippers, scuba masks and tanks, scuba suits, kayak paddles, life jackets, oars, and surfboard fins. The first level has two surfing championship trophies on display and three mannequins.

Moving up to the second level, there is living quarters that have been turned into the hideout by the crooks and pirates. This level includes a little table with a sack of gold next to it. There is also a couch with a dresser next to it. In the corner nook there is a bed with a treasure chest by the side. There is a table with a box full of money. There is a kitchen with a stove, two cupboards, a mini fridge, a microwave, and a sink. On this level there is also an office desk with a box of gold and jewels on it. 

On on the rooftop terrace there is a jacuzzi, a small garden, a fire pit, and some lounge chairs. This is where there is a board shaping area with a table, a rectangular block of wood to be shaped into a surfboard, a vacuum saw connected to the ceiling, a hand held saw, a ruler, a small knife, a toolbox, and a broom. 

Outside of the hideout surf shop in the front, there is a lifeguard and a very angry fisherman chasing two pirates who have stolen his boat and are making a break for it with some treasure. On one side there is a little a crab near the water line, a kayak, a small plant, and a police / firefighter / lifeguard raid. On the deck near the front door, there is windsurf board and another kayak attached to the side. On the other side, there is a palm tree, two crabs, and a canoe. 

The build includes 16 minifigs plus 3 mannequins. 

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