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Spongebob's Undersea Home


This is spongebob's pineapple house from the popular kid's show "Spongebob Squarepant's" running for 19 year's that's a long time ok so it has four figure's spongebob now with sleeve's spongebob's pajama's spongebob in krusty krab uniform and updated gary the build is modular and can open from the back  has 4 room's snd 2 floor's kitchen living room bed room and bath room accessories include a grill and gary's bowl. The reason i made this build is i felt that lego and mega block's never did justice to spongebob's house so i decided to make an idea for the most high quality building company out of the two lego and i made some modification's to the spongebob figure since dual molded arm's are a thing now so i hope the idea get's accepted. The reason i think it would make a good set becuase everybody loved the spongebob theme back in 2006-2012 plus since mega block's stopped making spongebob set's the license is up for grab's so it's lego's chance to get the license back.

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