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Stray Kids "Oddinary Maniac"

Recreate the iconic "Oddinary Maniac" Music Video with this set featuring multiple locations from the 205 million view video!

This project includes all 8 members of the internernationally acclaimed group Stray Kids in their iconic outfits as seen in the "Oddinary Maniac" MV.

The model features multiple detachable building Façades which each contain an iconic location from the video, modelled with interior details to recreate the magic of the video itself!
The set can also be displayed upside down to recreate the iconic flipped shot from the Music Video itself.

This is a collaborative project created by Katie (MadamTerrificHouse100) and Harry (Brick.Cucumber) as a celebration of the fantastic Maniac video (which inspired Katie's career in photography / cinematography).

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