Product Idea |

The Penguin King

What is it?:
This build I made is a small lego winter island. The king of the Island is the gigantic penguin who sits on the snowthrone. All the penguins from the island are gathering to visit the penguin king.

Why did I build this?:
I thought the penguin island would be a pretty cool idea. also I wanted to work on my landscapingskills (if you guys have any feedback about it feel free to leave it in the comments :D). I also wanted to experiment with microbuilds, Examples of these microbuilds are the mini-penguins and the boat stuck in the ice.

Why do I believe this will make a great LEGO set?:
I believe this will make a great LEGO set because I used a really cool building method to create the snow in the landscape. I personally think it looks really cool and I hope you guys think the same. I also really enjoyed how the microbuilds turned out to be, especially the boat stuck in the ice.

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