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China Tower Restaurant


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This model shows a lovely, friendly restaurant, built on a small rock, surrounded by water. The China Tower Restaurant invites numerous guests to dine, sometimes for a longer time than planned.

You may ask why? Please take a look at the back side of the tower, there you can see the real owner!
The evil holds every guest within its claws and never lets go. One of the guests has been there for a very, very long time, he has been there for ages and another one is very annoyed that he accepted the invitation. Maybe he will find the secret exit to escape certain death?

You are to arrive in the restaurant with the private boat taxi. A friendly gentleman greeted you at the elegant, white staircase. Two golden figures stand at the foot of the curved entrance portal and lead guests into the interior of the tower. Maybe you don't see, that instead of a door, there is a raised portcullis which may or may not, ever again be opened for you...

Inside the tower, only one seat at the table is ready for you.
A staircase goes up to a round walk on the top of the tower with a great 360° panoramic view, but that's probably not for you anymore, you will take a different journey.
A hatch right under your table, leads you into the basement, where it is no longer so cozy. Is this your end?

The China Tower Restaurant contains 4 minifigures:
• 2x Soldiers
• Skeleton
• Prisoner
• Boat driver


  • Open/close portcullis
  • Open hidden escape room
  • Open/close trapdoor

This model is designed digitally, built in real and re-designed with many digital improvements. Total of 1,744 pieces.

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