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馃殥馃殮馃殎 Mini Vehicles 馃殫馃殞馃殤

To start off this set idea, I've included 20 ground vehicles and 1 helicopter. It's only 603 pieces, so if there is interest in this, I could add further vehicles such as a mini mobile crane, an RV, trailers and other cool vehicles that I've already built at home. Despite their small size, there are a few interesting build techniques that I think you'll enjoy.
This set idea would kick-start your mini city/town, and give parents an alternative from buying their kids the popular mini car toys. With so many mini builds, you could spread out the enjoyment and build 1 a day, or 1 a week etc., and share the build experience with family and friends.
Building mini vehicles is what got me really into LEGO in adult life. Before then, I hadn't lost the love, but it had been a long time since I'd built anything. I'm writing this shortly after returning from the shops with the 90th anniversary castle... so these mini vehicles really started something!
Your support would be very much appreciated! 

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