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Space Lab

  1. I have essentially built this model, thinking of it as a space laboratory. Inserted in amodern colony. With also the function of observation tower for vehicles and spaceships.
  2. From the age of 4 i have always been passionate about Lego.  I am 32 rears old now and for some time i started making my own creations. In this case i thought of something simple and sober, (but also elegant) that could be beautiful as a collectible object, both as a building in any space landscape and as a nice toy for children; that should be the first users of Lego toys.
  3. I think it's a set easy to assemble, it does not present particular assembly problems. It is easy to conceive in its architecture. It is not equipped with many pieces with particular shapes or colors that can be rare. It can be inserted in any Lego Space context or landscape. 

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