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Parrot Castle Modular


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This is a project I built in roughly two weeks, I am more of a Medieval/Lord of the Rings/Hobbit builder, so this is one of my regular creations. I will post an update with the parrots that come.

Please support, follow, comment. By all means feel welcome to comment suggestions, ideas for next project, and what you like and don't like about the build, I will be glad to post updates!

So, starting with the gate. just beyond the gate, there is a walkway between the 2 walls, there are 2 towers that are close to the entrance, then there is a walkway down to the small pasture, a walkway down to the farmer's house, and a walkway down to the blacksmith shop, the farmer's house has two beds, and two storage containers (Please comment for things to be added to farmer's house), in the blacksmith shop, there is an anvil, a forge, 3 buckets of water to cool the weapons, and a rack for holding weapons (Please comment for things to be added to the blacksmith's shop).

This project is roughly 1500 pieces, and 18 minifigures, and 3 animals (Minus the parrots).

This set will include 18 minifigs:

1 King, 1 Wizard, 3 Blacksmiths, 2 Merchants, 10 Knights, 1 Farmer, 1 Farmer's Child, 1 Farmer's Wife, and 3 Blacksmiths.

This set will also include 3 animals (Minus the parrots):

1 Pig and 3 Horses.

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