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TaleSpin Seaduck Meeting Seagull


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Hello This is my idea based on the TaleSpin an (animated television series) in 1990. 
It features characters adapted from Disney's 1967 animated feature The Jungle Book.

The series takes place in the fictional town of Cape Suzette in the 1930s.
Higher for Hire, originally called Baloo's Air Service, is a "one plane" delivery service in Cape Suzette delivering cargos to different areas of the world. Their cargo has included fresh produce, fragile wares, ornaments, artifacts, and other incredible items.

 In one of the legendary adventures of the team with the famous plane Sea Duck of the company Higher for Hire, our friends got ambushed by Don Karnage’s air pirates. Through a severe storm, the plane crash landed onto an unmapped island!

In order to survive, the crew uses parts from the cargo in order to make tools: harpoons, fishing rods and accessories, including a raft, a fire signal on the edge of the rock and an SOS message on the sand, so they can survive while exploring the island.

A great ancient secret is hidden inside the waterfall!
Maybe a very old ancestor of Don Karnage?

Time is running out... and maybe Don Karnage’s gang will locate them and steal their precious cargo.
However, the team has with them the best mechanic possible, cape Suzette! And with a big variety of available tools combined with what the island’s natural resources, they can reassemble the plane and escape!!!

OOH EEH AAH, Talespin OOH EEH OOH Talespin

Baloo von Bruinwald XIII (Pilot of Higher for Hire)
Kit Cloudkicker (Sky-flyer, & Navigator)
Rebecca Cunningham (Businesswoman & owner of Higher for Hire)
Wildcat (Mechanic in Higher for Hire) 
Bricks: 2975

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