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Red Combat Mech Mark I


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The Red Combat Mech Mark I is the first project in my new idea for a theme: Mech Wars.  The theme is set in the future when mechs are used to wage war.  Every mech has two pilots, one to control the arms, and one to control the legs.

This takes extreme coordination and teamwork, so when inside the mech, the two pilots have a mental link.  Two pilots are cloned every time a new mech comes off the assembly line.  There are always one male and one female pilot.  They are brother and sister.  The two pilots included in the set are Red 112 (aka Katya) and Red 113 (aka Joe). 

The mech is covered in red armor scales capable of withstanding many bullets, but overwhelming attacks can destroy it.  The pilots’ cockpit is covered by an invisible energy field which is very powerful and can protect them from heavy fire.  However this too can be penetrated eventually.

The mech is armed with two heavy Mark I Mech Rifles that are capable of automatic fire.  They each have a red laser targeting scanner so they almost always strike the correct target.  There is a connector peg on the mech’s back to hold one of the rifles in case it needs an open hand.

With your help, this mech will fight way down the road to 10k and arrive in a Lego store near you!

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