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Lego Color Chart Cards


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I wanted a Lego color chart that would not only be a reference to identify colors, but would also allow me to experiment with colors, so I created this.

The simple design focuses on what's more practical as a tool for a Lego designer and comes with a display stand to hold your Lego color cards. Their small size and sturdy design make them easy to carry around.

You get 11 cards (8 x 16 plates), each with 10 different colors for a total of 110 colors, all conveniently organized by shades, but easy to reorganize in the way that best fits your needs.

The colors were all carefully chosen based on how useful they would be to a Lego designer. It includes all the colors that are currently manufactured by Lego, as well as the older colors that are still commonly used.

The color names are printed on 1x4 tiles of the color they represent, making it impossible to accidentally mix up the colors on your chart. For each color, one tile has the Lego name and the other tile has the BrickLink name.

The cards can be used like paint color samples. Hold a card against a MOC you are working on to see which color would look best for a certain part.

Under each color, you will find four easy-to-remove 1x1 bricks (plus two 1x2 tiles on top of the 1x1 bricks for transparent colors) that can be used to experiment and see how different colors would look together. Try out tiling patterns, choose a color of wall that would fit with the color of your floor, see how the various colors of transparent bricks look like when placed on top of different colors (create the most perfect color gradient for the water of a beach or a swamp!)

When Lego releases new colors, you can update your chart by attaching another plate to the 8x16 plates, extending them and giving you more space to add colors. Or you could add the new colors by replacing colors that you rarely use, and putting those on an extra plate that you can store away. The new colors could be bought from the ‘Pick a Brick’ section.

I have considered the possibility that it might not be possible anymore to manufacture some of the older colors. If that is the case, my proposal would be to print a background as close as possible to the color it should be on white tiles and white bricks so you can still get a good idea of how it looks. You would then have the possibility to replace those printed bricks with already existing bricks of that color if you wish.

If you would like to post the color chart on your website, youtube channel or social media, you have permission to use my images. If possible, please include a link to its page on Lego Ideas so people can vote for it. Thank you for your support guys!

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