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The Christmas Pyramid

For me, the Christmas pyramid belongs to Christmas just like the Christmas tree! The nice thing about it, is that a different little story can be told on each floor or that all floors together make up a story. However, there are no limits to creativity, so you can fill the floors with different stories every year.

This year, on the first level, Christmas Eve can be seen in a small living room, where Santa Claus is just bringing the presents. On the second level, there is a small Christmas bakery, in which two gingerbread men prepare small delicacies. And last but not least, a couple of little elves on the top level who build toys. Furthermore, the pyramid can be turned over all levels, including the windmill blades, using the small lever that leads to the central column.

Why would this set be great? Well, there is nothing like a stylish LEGO Christmas decoration at home that you can simply enjoy every year!

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