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Imperial Island Outpost


Imperial Island Outpost is a heavily guarded Bluecoats trading post and inevitable home for the most notorious Pirates!
Law-abiding sailors from across the Black Seas are welcome to visit, sell their treasures and enjoy tankard or two at the tavern.

Inspired by the classic 1991 set 'Lagoon Lock-up', this island combines many of your favorite features from other sets of the era into a flagship Imperial Base in the traditional yellow and white colour-scheme.

Beneath the tower, the island holds a secret vault full of the finest relics - found treasures and victory pieces reclaimed in battle from naughty Pirates.
Little do they know, a sneaky pirate-in-disguise has been sneaking treasure from the underground stash and selling it back to the unsuspecting soldiers!

This set has been designed specifically to pair in stature with your Barracuda Bay set and provide a complimentary location for tall-ship fleets to moor, interact or attack.
Clever techniques and pleasing angles expand on the classic castellation style with the added curve appeal of modern pieces.

Fun and playable features abound:
  • A crane for loading treasure onto the dock.
  • Tavern with cozy fireplace and overly friendly hostess.
  • Pivoting cannons for defensive battles and being generally imposing.
  • Underground cave and treasure vault with a moving cart for stashing (or stealing) treasure.
  • Fancy customs office (with chandelier!) for trade and prisoner negotiations.
  • Rowboat with sneaky pirate features.
  • Very secure prison cell with a view and pivoting wall for play access.

Minifigures include:
  • Imperial Customs Officer.
  • Grumpy Squadron Leader and his daft Soldiers.
  • An easy-on-the-eye Tavern hostess.
  • Very thirsty Visiting Sailor.
  • Prisoner Captain Red Beard.
  • Remains of the greedy Captain Black Beard.
  • Sneaky Pirate-in-disguise.

Looking forward to hearing feedback and sharing some nostalgic discussion!
Your vote and support is greatly appreciated. Together, let's bring back Bluecoats.

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