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Heroica Modular packs part 2

You remember my Heroica Modular packs, right? well I came up with a second set of modular packs, themed after the villains' lairs and headquarters! Except for the Golem Forge, these are based on the Ilrion, Fortaan, and Waldurk sets. The don't feature microfigs, except for the Fortann/Sewer pack. They're otherwise pretty cool, enjoy!

Forest/Waldurk: This pack is based on Waldurk, and has a lot of green grass-based pieces, as well as light brown wood parts. it has a stone altar, for sacrifices the Dark Druid might make.

The Golem Forge features a few crystal elements, as well as lava/magma-based elements to give it that volcanic feel. The crystals are to energize golems, and the magma is to forge them. It could come with a few golems for role-playing value, but it's Lego's decision.

The Fortaan and sewer pack has four microfigs: two zombies in the light-grey coffins, and two goblin guardians. The Fortaan half has a few doors, and castle-like design. The Sewer/Ilrion half has a few waterfall and sewer-ish designs, much like Fortaan. As well as coffins, it features a filter grate, and bat statue similar to the Nathuz one (unfortunately removed due to cropping issues).

Here they are all assembled, using technic connectors (2 per pack). They are compatible with my original ones, and look very cool on their own as well.
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