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Box Car Display


Hello, everyone! Today, I present to you a "beautiful display" model. I call it the ​Box Car Display​. It is the first model of its kind that I've built. If you look up "beautiful Lego" on your search engine, you will see what I mean. Here is some more information about this model:

  • This project is consisted of 302 pieces.
  • screwdriver piece ​sticks up from the tracks to keep the box car in place.
  • The buffer has a magnifying glass piece for a stop-sign.
  • ​Two ​6x4 flag pieces ​used for the box car doors.
  • Rustic, British setting.

​That's all for now, folks! If something needs work, please let me know. ​Good evening! ​(By cheesy. 4-24-2017)

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