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Doctor Who TARDIS Playhouse

This set is definitely bigger on the inside.

This may just look like a normal police box flying through space, but when you open it up, there is an entire world inside. The TARDIS has 7 rooms on 4 different layers. The 1st layer has the library and the swimming pool, because Matt Smith's Doctor mentioned that the swimming pool was now in the library when he first made his appearance to Amy Pond. The library has a place to hold the book where Clara Oswald read the Doctor's real name. The second level is the console room. In this picture, I tried to fashion it from both the 10th and 11th Doctor's TARDIS. Above the console room is the cloak room and a bedroom, which is fashioned after some of the classic Doctor Who episodes. The top level has an art room and the cloister room, also from the classic Doctor Who.

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Because I have made this set a mesh of all TARDIS, since we don't see much of it in the newer episodes, just about any Doctor can be played in this set. My recommendation would be either the 10th or 11th Doctor. For this image, I made the 10th Doctor and Rose minifigures.

This is a basic idea for the art room with the cloister room right next to it. The art room is the place the Doctor keeps any number of paintings and statues that he likes. The cloister room was fun to design, because it is really different from any other part of the TARDIS. That's why I chose to add it in, it adds a bit of flare. Like I've said before, these are inspired by the classic Doctor Who.

The middle section has the bedroom and the cloak room. The bedroom was designed after watching several of the classic Doctor Who. I realized that all the furniture was white in several episodes. The cloak room is the perfect place for the Doctor and his companions, mainly the companions because the Doctor doesn't change his outfit much, to find exactly the costume they need. There is a pull down staircase in the cloak room to access the console room.

(I've been playing around with the idea of hanging the minifigure tops from a rod like you would hang your shirts in a closet. I just can't get it to work right in LDD.)

The console room is right below the cloak room. Once the Doctor makes a stop the first thing his companion needs is an outfit to blend right into the new time period and/or place. Like I've mentioned before, this was modeled after mainly the 11th with a hint of 10th Doctor. Here, we have the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler at the controls.

(I couldn't find a minifigure with a bow tie, so I couldn't put the 11th in his console room.)

Below the console room are the library and swimming pool.

(There aren't enough places for photos of the bottom floor.)

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