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Knight Rider - KITT


10,000 supporters!

KITT is about to reach the final milestone of 10,000 supporters!
Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible!
It has been an incredible journey! All we can do now is hope for the best.


9000 supporters!

We are so close now. The next milestone is 10,000! Let's get KITT to the finish line.
Many thanks for your support and all the comments.


8000 supporters!

New milestone of 8000 supporters! Thank you for your continued support and sharing.
The journey towards 10,000 continues. We can do it!


7000 supporters!

KITT just reached another milestone of 7000 supporters! Thank you so much!
Keep spreading the word about this project, so KITT can get to 10,000 in time.


2/3 of the way!

We are now 2/3 of the way to reach the finish line. Let's do it.


5000 supporters!

We are halfway there! Thank you all, and let's get to 10,000! We can do it!
You can help make it happen by sharing this project on your social medias. Click on "Share".
Also, thank you for all your nice comments.


3000 supporters!


New milestone!

There have been over 30 Knight Rider projects here on LEGO Ideas, and this project now has most supporters of all!
Thank you to everyone supporting and sharing - and remember to press the support button if you haven't done so yet, so we can get KITT up to 10,000 :)


1000 supporters!

KITT just jumped over the milestone of 1000 supporters! Thank you all for your support.
On my twitter you can help spread the word about this project.

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