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Schitt's Creek- The Rose Apothecary


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I'm a huge fan of Schitt's Creek, of David and Patrick, and of their store. On approximately the sixth or seventh re-watch I realised that the iconic brand identity and sand and stone aesthetic of the Rose Apothecary was something I could achieve well with Lego- both the exterior and interior of the store are instantly recognisable to fans of the show.

Thanks to popular demand, the set now includes minifigures! I have been having a TON of fun setting up my favourite scenes from the show, so look out for the renders of Simply the Best, Solo Artist, Eucalyptus Eye Serum, Darlene's Cousin and Mariah Carey. I have more ideas for these but please comment with any special requests! In my imagination if this set ever made it to construction for real it would include all of the Roses, Stevie, and Patrick. David would of course have many, many changes of clothes with a black theme; Moira would have some outfits and several multicoloured wigs; and Alexis would have several Hollywood Star outfits. Patrick, Johnny and Stevie only need one outfit each!

I loved the ways in which I could use Lego to realise the detail within the store. The layout, shelving, merchandise, and little details like the framed business licence, were all easy to achieve with a little bit of imagination. I was also delighted to be able to include the acoustic guitar, four gold rings, the toilet plungers right at the front of the store (INCORRECT), a spray bottle for the produce, and the brooms with big red handles. You'll have to take my word for it but the sink in the bathroom comes off the wall *very* easily, and the fridge near the doors contains wine, brie and tapenade. The Moira's Rose's Garden 4856 runs along the side of the building and is where Darlene's Cousin likes to hang out.

The hardest bits were the stepladder and plank displays, and the angled windows by the doors; but of course Lego had the answers. I have also learned so much more about Lego and Studio techniques since since I first uploaded this project; custom lettering and decals on blocks, lights that glow (thanks Patrick for wiring those in, it's very impressive), and better lighting on my renders.

A thing I particularly like about this build is that a lot of the merchandise can be moved around. You think the tall blue bottles of body milk (it's milk, for your body!) would look better somewhere else? Put them where you like. This is now your store, and David won't know if you mess with his aesthetic.

Fans of the show- let me know if I've missed anything out! Thank you all for your amazing support and love for this set so far. Let's get it to 10k!

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